Retreat House

Paperback, 228 pages Holly leads her church's youth group, but many in the congregation believe she's too young to supervise the kids. When she finds out that she’s pregnant, the pressure is on, and her secret love affair will start to show. But that’s the least of her troubles. She organizes an overnight fellowship retreat on …

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The Naturalist

Kindle Edition, 382 pages Audible, 11h 33m Professor Theo Cray is trained to see patterns where others see chaos. So when mutilated bodies found deep in the Montana woods leave the cops searching blindly for clues, Theo sees something they missed. Something unnatural. Something only he can stop. As a computational biologist, Theo is more familiar …

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Book’em Release

PREORDER FOR 99¢ AVAILABLE JUNE 4 RETAIL $4.99 Grab the prequel for FREE: Universal Link: Amazon: Apple: Barnes & Noble: Kobo: Google: Photo Blurb Motorcycle deputy, Sadie Lazar is no damsel in distress. After all, the only man capable of getting a job done is a woMAN. She …

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