Cold Sight

                                      Cold Sight 

Leslie Parrish
After being made a scapegoat in a botched investigation that led to a child’s death, Aidan McConnell became a recluse. Still, as a favor to an old friend, Aidan will help on the occasional XI case. But under his handsome, rugged facade, he keeps his emotions in check–for fear of being burned again.

Reporter Lexie Nolan has a nose for news–and she believes a serial killer has been targeting teen girls around Savannah. But no one believes her. So she turns to the new paranormal detective agency and the sexy, mysterious Aidan for help.

But just as the two begin forging a relationship, the case turns eerily personal for Lexie–and Aidan discovers that maybe he hasn’t lost the ability to feel after all…

I came across this book in a book fair it was very cheap and it was a super treasure to find because it was very interesting.

The theme is very criminalistic and paranormal to get my attention and it’s very well done that I couldn’t put it down and leaves me craving for more. 

This book is the first one of a serie but it’s pretty good, The second one is called Cold Touch and in this book have an excerpt on the end I think you will like. 

The investigation is very interesting and what they discover bit by bit will have you enthralled and craving for the next page.

In the end of the book you discover some other truth above Aidan and you will love it it was the cherry on the top for the book really.

I hope you really like this book…
Este libro me lo encontré en una feria de libros y la verdad estaba barato aunque fue un súper tesoro porque es muy interesante.
El tema es muy criminalistico y sobrenatural para captar mi atención y está muy bien escrito tanto que no pude dejar de leerlo y solo quería leer mas.
El libro es el primero de una serie pero es bueno, el segundo se llama Cold Touch y en el libro hay un adelanto de este libro y creo que en realidad les gustara.
La investigación es bastante interesante y lo que van descubriendo te dejara en un hilo difícil de dejar y queriendo mas de las siguientes paginas.
Al final del libro descubres otras verdades acerca de Aidan y te encantara porque fue como la cereza del pastel.
Espero que les guste el libro…

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