Bluegrass Series

Bluegrass seriesKathleen Brooks*********************************************************************************Well this series are two from bluegrass really, the first one is Bluegrass and has 3 books:Bluegrass State of mindRisky ShotDead HeatThese 3 you can say are like a beginning to the next series Bluegrass brothers, since they are all related and they're are marvelous for sure.I mean what girl don't love a … Continue reading Bluegrass Series

Land of the Dead series

Pale Immortal (Book 1)Garden of Darkness (Book 2)Anne Frasier*********************************************************************************Synopsis Book 1The sleepy town of Tuonela, Wisconsin, is known for one thing: the killer who stalked its streets one hundred years ago, drinking the blood of his victims. And when the drained corpse of a young girl is found, the citizens fear their past has risen … Continue reading Land of the Dead series