Old dad’s Vs. New dad’s

Well for a change a POV (Point of view) on my blog, maybe I should do some more on the long run =)
Now this one isn’t a competition but more like a reflexive pov, because I have seen some differences between the dad’s that are from the 70 and 80 decades and the ones of the 90 and 2000.
That doesn’t mean I categorize because I don’t really like that, but I can say a majority maybe it’s like that depending on how are they raised and all, so much factors to decide o.o
I have been watching the comes and go’s of a lot of parents, and I think the ones that are older well they more prude and more stubborn and don’t want to be in the wrong at anytime that’s a little overwhelming because you begin to feel that they just have to have the reason all the time and tamper communications badly. Now that’s is true sometimes in my case, but that doesn’t mean they’re bad just a little more difficult, they compensate that usually giving great advice and being caring because these kind of dad’s are there with you usually and they raise you not only sire you.
That another point too, a lot of kids now thinks that being a dad is just put a lot of genes in a woman and that doesn’t make you a father or anything for me that’s more like a sperm donor to be honest, because now kids around 14 and 17 think being a father is like just having the kid and unfortunately that doesn’t is what it means to be a dad. A dad is someone that raise you, is there for you and support you not only like oh I have a kid I will give him things so it doesn’t bother me. 
We have to remember what a dad is, I know a lot of persons that have stepdads and depending on how they are with you they can be a real dad to you or just a stranger to the end of your life, like I tell you before we owe to remember a dad is someone that is there for you and someone you have a connection to, not only a person who sire you because that can be done with a donor if you want and they don’t have anything to do with anything.  
So for all you that have a dad, try to communicate with them remember that isn’t it a one way effort we childrens have to put a little effort too in the communication skills and the way dad’s reach us, don’t push them away just caring for material things because at the end the important things will be the memories you have with them that are most precious than anything else out there. 
If you liked the pov or want to add any anecdote leave me a comment 

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