Interview: Valarie Kinney

Tell us a little
about yourself and your background? 
I’m a married mom of four teenagers.
My work resume adequately displays my lack of attention span. I like Ren
Faires, Captain Jack Sparrow, yarn, books, and caffeine.
Which writers
inspire you?
 Ksenia Anske,
Diana Gabaldon, Stef Penney, Jodi McIsaac, Neil Gaiman…so many, really. It’s
difficult to narrow down.
Have you written
any other novels in collaboration with other writers?
I’ve got stories in anthologies coming out later
this winter with 7DS books.
When did you
decide to become a writer?
I wrote a lot
in high school, and then it sort of fell by the wayside after I was married and
had children. I started writing seriously again about five years ago.
Do you write
full-time or part-time?
always writing. If I’m not actively writing, stories are swirling around in my
you work to an outline or plot or do you prefer just see where an idea takes
? I’m a
total pantser. I start with an idea and it unfolds as I write. The last
manuscript I wrote started backward. So I wrote the final scene first, and went
backward for a while as I wrote.
Do you have a
strategy for finding reviewers?
This is
something I’m new at and still learning.  Much
as in real life, I’m sort of fumbling around, awkward and unsure.
What are your
thoughts on good/bad reviews?
appreciate honesty. I’m a fairly transparent person, so what you see is what
you get. I like that quality in others. I can’t fault someone who leaves a fair
review, but I can’t see a reason for people to go out of their way to leave an
outright nasty review.
How can readers
discover more about you and you work? I’m most active on Facebook and Twitter.

Any Comments for
the Blog readers? I love to meet new readers, and I try to stay actively
engaged with those who interact with me on social media.

Any feedback for
me or the blog? Thanks so much for having me. 

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