Reapers Spotlight

Danger, heartache, grit, tension, brotherhood, trauma, betrayal, sacrifice, fear. Death square in the face. All in a day’s work for the REAPERS – an elite black-ops team deployed to remote, untamed conflict zones. Their mission: to assassinate covert targets, conduct rescue operations and gather intelligence. 

We follow this tight band as its members evolve; some will die and be replaced by new faces, some will defect, be injured or retire, and others will change in unimaginable ways. All will be tested to their limits. 

REAPERS is an epic set in a sprawling dark fantasy universe of tragic characters, complex villains, and shocking story turns. 

BOOK ONE is a novel-length collection of the first seven staves (which were originally released as independent episodic chapters in serial format). 

Written by The Thornton Brothers.”

About The Authors

Chris & Jay Thornton have been creators since the cradle, making homespun
comic books and concocting epic storylines with action figures as
globe­trotting military brats before moving on to screenwriting and authoring
prose and poetry as adults. They have recently released their first novel, a dark
fantasy epic called REAPERS — the opening installment of what will be an
ongoing series — and are currently writing a dark suspense thriller screenplay
called BLACK MATH for Zac Efron. The Weinstein Company just optioned a
TV show they created and are about to start packaging talent. Previous film
projects include penning a contained horror thriller for Italian genre directors
the Manetti Bros titled EREBUS, and writing VULTURES, an adaptation of a
Robert E. Howard western novella for Paradox Entertainment. They are
members of the Writers Guild of America, West and represented by United
Talent Agency and Rosa Entertainment.




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