Legends of Ansu Tour


Gol. A continent on the brink of destruction. Once a mighty kingdom, now six provinces torn apart by treacherous barons.
In one province two young lovers strive to stay together when all else prises them apart. Lissane and
Erun must survive to guide their people through the coming storm. The odds are stacked against
them. Erun, dreamer and fool, is chosen for a dark path. Whilst Lissane is given away by her father
the baron to wed the brutal son of a rival ruler.
Meanwhile, at the far side of the world a sorcerer has freed the fire demon, Ashmali, setting off a
chain of events that could ultimately bring about Gol’s long foretold ruin. Caught between rising
seas, civil war, and approaching fire the continent’s time is fast running out.
Gol features beautiful sketches and maps by Tolkien illustrator, Roger Garland. It opens the doors on a new epic fantasy series titled Legends of Ansu. Within its content lies an sweeping tale of love, hatred, vengeance and destruction. In Gol the high courage of a few individuals is all that stands against the will of fickle gods and treachery of men.



Q & A with the Author

What inspired me to write my book?

A crazy imagination and restless roving mind! I’ve always loved stories and have

always been a storyteller, ever since I was a kid in the playground I enthused in tales

that could carry the imagination far and wide, roaming free without any harness to

rein it in. I was a fan of The Lord of the Rings as a teen and that led me on to read

dozens of fantasy books during the 70’s and 80’s resulting in fantasy becoming my

favorite genre and greatest influence. I also have a fascination for Celtic and Norse

mythology which led me to delve deep in that area too. Then about twenty years ago

I put pen to paper and my ongoing series, Legends of Ansu was born. An epic fantasy

series with echoes of myth.

Specific writing style

I don’t know, but reviewers have written that I write with a ‘rare literary flow’

uncommon for most modern fantasy authors. I just write and the words spill out,

like an artist I like to paint vivid scenes and take my reader far away, give them a

break from reality for a while. As far as fantasy is concerned I pitch my writing to a

Tolkien-esque tapestry but with characters just as compelling and three

dimensional as those found in game of Thrones, (though I do try and keep most of

my crew alive.)


I have 4 books on sale and I’m working on number 5. Most the titles are typical

fantasy, The Shattered Crown, The Lost Prince, The Glass Throne etc. (Does what it

says on the tin.) ‘Gol’ one word I thought gave a certain punch. This is the prequel to

my series actually written after The Shattered Crown but set a 1000 years earlier,

thus now offered out as the first book. It was originally titled Fall of Gol, but I

shortened it to Gol a couple of years back. Don’t know why, just like it better.

What books have influenced my life most?

A lot! Lord of the Rings mainly when I was young I lived inside those pages, but also

Thomas Covenant by Stephen Donaldson, Tigana, by Guy Kay, Lyonesse, Jack Vance,

Poul Anderson’s The Broken Sword (I actually think perhaps the best small fantasy

novel ever written) and Michael Moorcock’s Eternal Champion series – to name but

a few. I was also influenced by the Mabinogi, especially the version adapted by

Evangeline Walton, these tales from Welsh mythology just blew me away. Other

genres? I like Historical Fiction and some of Bernard Cornwell’s novels have

influenced my writing too.


Fantasy, mostly. I’m comfortable with the genre. That said, I enjoyed writing my

ghost story novella(The Haven) set in Cornwall, England, past and present. I do

intend to write in other genres. I have plans to pen a tale about Hereward the Wake

(a very underrated Saxon hero around at the time of the Norman Conquest) and

several of the early Scottish kings fascinate me. I also want to pen more suspense,

spooky supernatural creepy stuff – though not horror. Never horror. But mainly

fantasy, my ‘Legends’ series is due to run for another 5 books! My goal – 1 book

every year until I snuff it or they come to take me away, haha!

Advice for other writers?

Check in at the clinic? Only joking  Read, read and read again, I don’t read nearly

enough as I should, never seem to get the time. Take critism/rejections on the chin

and move on (I have had shed loads of rejections from agents over the years – ain’t

no big thing.) Enjoy what you do and stick at it, one word will lead to the next. Write

it. DON’T GIVE UP! As Kate Bush once sang in that brilliant Peter Gabriel song. That’s


Writer’s block?

Not yet! I’ve got so much crazy stuff between my ears my main problem is getting it

out without it resembling spaghetti! I f I do get WB I shall go outside feed the

chickens and maybe have a cold beer or two in the sunshine. Or else I’ll walk the

dogs in the rain and sip claret by the fireside.

Hated something I’ve wrote?

No. I’ve looked at early stuff and thought it was crap but I’ve never hated it.

Everything has a purpose. All part of the learning curve.


Love of writing came from?

As I said I’m a storyteller first and writer second. A lot of folk reverse these

priorities and that’s fine for them. I do enjoy writing, but probably like a conductor

in an orchestra, I cannot settle until the story is down and the concert audience

clapping. At some point I had to get those tales into words on paper, and later on

laptop and tablet. Writing is just the conduit, the sword in the warrior’s hand. I had

to learn the craft of writing and I still am, always will be. Yes, I enjoy it, but the

stories are my true love. I like to create something unique and inspiring, then

hammer it out in words that make sense! Writing’s a job, but it sure beats driving a

big rig like I did for 25 years!

Hardest part of writing books?

For me it’s editing, going over and over in finite detail before sending off to my

editor, and then after she’s butchered it, more work. Also the first draft kinda wears

me out, it’s always a relief to get that done, the main structure and framework of the

story down on paper – phew…. I enjoy the following drafts, which are fine-tuning

and polishing. That’s where the real satisfaction comes – knowing that it’s starting

to look great. Then it’s time for editing – ugh.

Enjoy most?

I love creating evocative scenes that tug the imagination; it’s what I’m good at. I like

to take my reader somewhere very special. I also get a buzz from writing high speed

action scenes and witty dialogue – my characters are often lively and argumentative,

I think it makes a nice balance to have gritty three-dimensional banter set to a

mystical alien backdrop.

Write every day?

Not yet, I’m still working on that and have to spend a deal of time on all the myriad

other facets indie authors have to master. For me at 55 years old, these prove a

challenge, as my fingers have spent more years wielding sledgehammers than

tapping keyboards. Suffice to say, I’m learning new tricks . I also have other

unrelated projects, which demand attention. I go in spurts, write for six weeks full

pelt then leave it alone for a month, let it percolate – works for me.

Which writers inspire me?

Stephen King comes to mind, because he’s achieved so much. Of course many of the

classics by: Shakespeare, Austin, Dickens, Hardy, and Elliot. And then there are

fantasy writers from the 20 th century: Tolkien, CS Lewis, Richard Adams, Raymond

Feist, David Eddings, E.R.R Eddison, Lord Dunsany etc etc. But any talented

wordsmith is a joy to read.

Working on at mo?

The Glass Throne. Book 4 in my Legends series, I just finished second draft and will

resume in June. It’s taking shape nicely and follows on directly after the conclusion

of the last book – The Lost Prince. It’s big and I’m contemplating splitting it in two,

maybe I’ll ask you, my reader, about that?


GT will be the final (or penultimate) tale involving my unwashed protagonist, Corin

an Fol, a ‘Longswordsman’ with a shady past and an attitude problem. His tale

started in The Shattered Crown, Which, as I explained earlier, is set 1000 years after

Gol. GT, like the books before it, fuses myth and magic with cold hard steel. It

focuses on the various rebels and factions currently trying to unseat the usurping

sorcerer, Caswallon. It involves a catalogue of capricious gods, neurotic demigods,

spiteful demons and warlocks, and badly behaved mortals with big nasty weapons.

It’s the 4 th book I’ve penned about the world – Ansu. ‘A place where you can never

own enough sharp things!’ Thanking you for your time! J.W.W.




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