Review: If I Stay

The story was tragic, interesting to some extent, but the end for me was horrible. I felt that it were too much wait for an ending like that.

I think it just wasn’t what I was expecting, the second book I don’t really think I will be reading it, after this one the interest in reading that one vanished.

I really don’t know why so much people liked this book, but I do think that since everyone has a different taste on books maybe that’s the main reason for that.

On my case Mr. Forman is on my not reading again list.



la historia fue trágica, interesante hasta cierto punto, el final para mi fatal. sentí que la espera fue demasiada para un final como ese.

supongo que simplemente no fue lo que esperaba, el segundo libro dudo leerlo luego de este no me quedaron ganas de seguir leyendo mas.

no entiendo la verdad como a tanta gente les encanto tanto este libro pero para gustos supongo que todos diferimos un poco.

En mi caso el Sr. Forman esta en mi lista de no volver a leer.


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