Meet an author: Julie Morgan

Hi, my name is Julie
Morgan and today I’m on the blog post! I’m happy to meet you. Allow me to
introduce myself. I write in a few different genres; paranormal romance,
contemporary and military romance, gothic romance and sci-fi fantasy. 

a new series under my name was published called the Special Ops series. This
four book series follows the lives of four military men, starting with Logan
Saunders in Delta Force. His story is out now! Next, is Sniper and it is
releasing in August during an event I’ll be attending (more on that
later!).  Book three is Ranger, and four Seal. 

I’m also
releasing a new sci-fi fantasy story titled Dragon Master in August. Co-written
with award winning author, Marianne Morea, we take two people from our current
world and pull them through a time vortex into another dimension where magic
and shifters are alive. What happens when two hearts and two worlds collide?
Well, you’ll need to read to find out! This will also release during the same
event I’ll be attending in August. 

So this
event I’m talking about in August. I’ll be traveling to Savannah, GA for
Authors After Dark. During this convention, Sniper and Dragon Master will both
be released! Two different genres, two different stories, two different tales
of love, sex, and power. I cannot wait for everyone to get their hands on both
stories! If you’re in the Savannah or surrounding areas, please come join us!
Tickets are on sale now and I hope to see you there!

November, I’ll be headed to Tampa for Beach Babe Book Blast. This one day mass
signing will take place on November 12th. If you’re in the Tampa or surrounding areas, I
hope to see you there!
I’d love to hear from you. Take a look at my website and you’ll see everything
I have in print and talks about what’s coming soon. Whether it is paranormal or military romance, I have something for
almost everyone. I look forward to hearing from you soon and hope to see you at
Authors After Dark or Beach Babe Book Blast! 





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