Meet an author: Amy Hawthorn





Hi there! Nice to meet you. I’m Amy
J. Hawthorn and I’m kind of a dork. What do I mean by a dork? Shy, socially
awkward, a bit clumsy and a bookworm. I’m not a bit ashamed of any of those
traits though. I like who I am. Sure it would be cool to be an all-star
athlete, but I’d really rather visit with the imaginary characters in my head.
So, I’m happy to be a dork, lol.


I’ve written stories since I was
ten or eleven years old but really started thinking seriously about pursing a
writing career about eight years ago. In my Evil Day Job I spend a lot of time
working with elderly patients (often my favorite!) and a simple thought stuck
with me.


I didn’t want to be a lonely little
old lady sitting in a nursing home, filled with regrets and wondering about
would have happened if I had tried writing. What did I have to lose?

So I did. It took a while before I
finished my first novella and then find a home for it, but I’m not sure that
I’ve ever had a happier moment than when I finished Azrael’s Light.


I’ve always encouraged my children
to use their imaginations so why shouldn’t I as well?


And though it’s hard work squeezing
it into my hectic life, I’ve never once regretted the decision.


Now, summer’s burst to life and
it’s time for cookouts and vacations, or at least stealing a few minutes of
quiet on the porch swing with a tall glass of lemonade. To celebrate, the first
book in my Dark Horse Inc. series, Protecting Kate is on sale for 99 cents.


The Dark Horse books take place in
Kentucky and are stuffed full of former military men who are all hard on the
outside but soft on the inside – just don’t tell them I said so!



From Protecting Kate –


“Do you have a white knight
complex?” Kate asked.


“What?” Clearly exhausted, he
looked back in confusion.


“You know, do you get off on saving
damsels in distress?”


A blank look crossed his face and
then he burst into deep, rolling laughter. The sound rumbled through her in
waves. “Sweetheart, you are the farthest thing from a damsel in distress I’ve
ever seen. Damsels in distress don’t manage a farm, big or small all on their
own. They don’t do home repair or load shotguns. You are no damsel.”



I hope you all enjoy summer!





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