Meet an author: Patricia Scott









My name is Patricia Scott James and I’ve been
writing for years. This year I decided to take my passion and bite the bullet
and offer the books I’ve been hording to the masses.  I write steamy
romance, mostly steamy romantic suspense. The last thing I’ve finished is a
trilogy that combines romantic suspense with a touch of the paranormal. No,
it’s not weres or vampires or shifters. The paranormal that I incorporated to
the story deals with psychic abilities including telepathy and prophetic
dreams. That was fun to write in itself, but the story was spiced up further
with a heroine that is deaf. Talk about challenges. Actually writing the story
was a lot of fun. I hope you find it fun to read.
As far as the heat level of my stories, from a range of 1 to 10, I think I
average somewhere around 7.5.

Publishing and having people read and like my stories would be the icing of my
life, another check on my bucket list. Speaking of bucket lists, what’s on
yours?  Mine is full of places to see, and experiences to enjoy. From
rappelling into a cenote, to ballooning over the Loure valley, to climbing
natural rock formations (Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland), to taking a
camel ride on the Giza plateau, to playing with baby tigers or swimming with a
whale shark, I’m ticking some of my list off and still have so much more to
accomplish. Meanwhile I also love to sit on my couch, cuddled by my kitties as
I read a book, watch tv, play on the computer and paint blown eggs, I’m all for
doing the creative and original.


And another thing to check off the bucket list is that I’m going to my first
convention as a writer. Authors After Dark.  I’m super excited about going
and meeting some readers. If you are going, come find me. I’ve got some great
gifts I’m giving away. I’d love to meet you.


The Second Sight Series is
trilogy of steamy romantic suspense novels each with a slight paranormal twist.






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