Meet an author: MK Mancos






Hello All! I’m MK Mancos – or am I?


You see, I write different genres under four names, so
depending on what I’m writing at the time is what I use. Often I get questions
about how I keep all the names straight. For me, it’s easy. The use of
different pseudonyms is to make it easier for readers to know what genre or
heat level a particular book I write falls under.


MK Mancos writes fantasy, paranormal, and now steampunk! Yay
steampunk! – it is as much fun to write as you’d expect. I can really let my creativity
free and go at it with a no holds barred approach. Books I’ll be signing at AAD
Savannah are Queen’s Menagerie and Weather Mechanics. My first two books in
the Crown and Country Series.


Kathleen Scott writes the hotter books. Erotic paranormal romance,
steamy space opera, and sensual sci-fi. Look for my soon to release London Guilds series where magic is in
the air and mysteries abound. At AAD I’ll be releasing my new futuristic time
travel, so come by and pick up a copy. I’ll be signing it at the New Release
Event. Also, you can enter to win a signed poster of the cover done by Fiona


Kate Davison writes contemporaries with a twist. Currently,
I’m working on a small town series that starts with the book Home Field Advantage which is part of
the Virtual Match Anthology. I’m
also, working on a series about stock car drivers. Can you say Hot Rods with
Hot Bods? LOL.


As Cassie Sweet, I write m/m romances in all genres and heat
levels. One series that I particularly enjoyed writing was my Alchemists and Elementals series. Magicians,
clerics, and necromancers, what could be more fun?


I’ll be at the Drive In Movie Night and Slumber Party, the New
Release Event, Blind Date Book Event, Movie Exchange, or come in and see me for
Author Q & A. On Thursday morning, me and a few friends are sponsoring the
AAD Readers’ Breakfast.


I’ll be placing cards with my Menagerie logo in our areas of
the hotel. If you find one, pick it up and bring it to me to win a prize. Can’t
wait to see you all in Savannah!






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