Meet an author: Cassidy O’Connor





Hi everyone! I’m Cassidy K. O’Connor and I have a
problem. I love going to conventions but I admit I am a bit shy. This makes
everything more complicated, I hope you will take pity on me and stop by to say
Hi if I don’t stop you first. We can talk about my books, I have 7 out
currently with one debuting at AAD. My sexy gargoyle Asald has been a big hit
lately, I also have contemporary romance, sexy Irish faeries, and a beautiful
YA/NA story that is very emotional.



I am driving up from Tampa, Florida on Wednesday and have
lots of opportunities to meet up with you all. Friday at 10 am, Sheri Lyn and I
are hosting a Q&A hour. I have a table at the Happily Ever After luncheon
then at 5 pm you can come hang out with six amazing authors as we debut our
‘Twisted Fairy Tales’ anthology. You won’t believe the crazy, sexy ways we
twisted the classics! I also have a table at the Fantasy ball on Saturday
night. Between all of that are the panels, signing and decadent meals. Maybe I
should have taken Monday off from my day job 😉



I can’t believe we have less than one month! I look
forward to hanging out with you all soon.



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