Meet an author: Kiki Meyer


As a new
writer, I am really looking forward to
Authors After Dark in Savannah from August 3 through 7, where I will release my
second book! (And I never thought I could write even one.) Both of my books are a part of a series with other writer
friends. I hope that what I write rings true for large numbers of women and men
who can deal with strong women.
I write sweet
and dreamy HEAs (that are also a bit sexy). I always wanted a large happy
family where each member loved the other unconditionally and comfort could
always be found within the confines of the home wherever that was.

I believe this
desire is borne out of my love of fairy tales of all kinds but the Disney ones
especially. I always wanted to be a princess, but I also wanted to carry a gun
or some other means of self protection, ride a horse, live independently and never just follow everyone else.
My first book, The Cavalryman’s Mail Order Bride
features a small town in Missouri for my heroine’s home. This reflects much of
my own experiences and probably echoes what I wanted and still want out of
My second book The Widower’s Mail Order Bride will
debut at AAD and also has a strong woman as the heroine. She, too, seeks family
above all else. Hopefully, you will want to read my book to see if she
It is my belief
women won the west. Those ladies were strong beyond our understanding, they
exceeded in those things to which they applied their uniquely female approach
to life. They held their babies in their arms while working the fields. They
drove wagons like a field hand and kept their focus on family and home. They
learned to shoot guns, to establish and run businesses at a time when they did
not have many legal rights and they educated and nurtured their children along
the way.
I will be
reading from one of my books and I’m nervous as a feral cat. You can catch me
and provide moral support Thursday in The Readings Room from 3:30 to 3:40. I am
also scheduled at the New Release event so I will look for you if you will look
for me. It’s set for 4 p.m. on Thursday in the Mezzanine.
In addition, I
am hosting a breakfast along with others at 8:30 a.m on Friday. Look me up. I
would love to visit with you and learn what you enjoy reading.
I am so excited
and feel so privileged to attend AAD, so check out my table. I would very much
enjoy visiting with you. In fact be the first
one to my table during the Saturday book signing and tell me, “I’m a princess too,” and I will give you a free book.
The Cavalryman’s Mail Order Bride

At the start of the war between the North and South, Dorothy Evans is left all
alone in a small town in central Missouri with a young son to raise. When
gossip about her deceased husband’s treasonous actions threaten her livelihood,
she realizes it’s up to her to do something to secure her future. She’s not
afraid of work nor of adventure, so Miss Sally Pinkerton’s matchmaking service
once again plays a part in determining just how far a woman like Dorothy might
be willing to go to ensure a decent life for her son.

The Widower’s Mail Order Bride
After the death
of her mother at the hands of an unknown assailant, Ellie Tyler is forced into
a sordid life of degradation in St. Louis. But just when Ellie has lost all
hope, Miss Pinkerton steps in and gives her a leg up. With education, a new
outlook on life and a prospective husband and his small son waiting for her,
Ellie sets out for San Francisco. Once there, she finds a life that is more
wonderful than she ever hoped for—until her plans for happy ever after are
thwarted by a horrible accident. Ellie, determined to keep her newfound family
close, must now decide between love and friendship. Will she be able to find
her happy ending, or will she be forced to settle for something less?
About the Author
Kiki Meyer
lives in Florida with her husband and two cats. Growing up in Central Missouri,
she loved the history from that area. Her books are inspired by her love of





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