Meet an author: Savannah Verte

GOOD MORNING!!!! (Yes, this is my greeting regardless of the
My name is Savannah Verte and this is my first Authors After
I was first published in 1990 after I graduated college. (Thank
Goddess that book is out of print.) I have written everything from poetry to
paranormal, and contemporary women’s fiction to mystery/suspense. I don’t fit
cleanly into a category, or two, so I call myself a Contemporary Vagabond,
emphasis on the vagabond. At AAD I’ll have a few titles with me; Viva Zapata
& the Magic 8-Ball, Kingdoms Fall (the 3rd Vengelys book, but
I’ll have 1 & 2 as well), Book of Time, and Book of Change (book 1 &
the prequel for The Custos series). If you are wanting a specific title, shoot
me an inbox and I’ll gladly hold it aside for you. I am bringing limited
quantities because I’m flying this time and I already have 3 checked bags to
get all the books & swag to Savannah.

There are lots of opportunities to see me at AAD and I hope
you’ll take one or two.
I’m coming in on Tuesday to catch Sherrilyn’s shin-dig, but am
more excited about getting to go to the shelter on Wednesday to do some work
for them. I’ll be back in time for Stella’s official kick off, and you want to
find me there…I’ve sponsored the Ultimate Author Stalker and you can get your
game card from me at the welcome. I am humbled and honored to have help from 28
of the other participating authors to make the game epic. I cannot thank them
Thursday morning, roll out of the sack and come have coffee
& brekky in your jammies with me and the 14 other incredible women authors
who I get to share the stage with, The Breakfast Book Babes. After that, it’s
panels and I’ve grabbed some time to do a reading from one of my books before
everyone scatters for outside fun.
Friday is more panels, and another chance to catch me in the
reading room before the Release Event. I’ve saved a release just for AAD. Quick
change later and I have a table at the Debut Dinner. My book, Viva Zapata &
the Magic 8-Ball, is a story about friendship, life, and finding your tribe…I
can’t wait to share my tribe with the folks at my table, and see what the
others around the room have cooked up. It’s going to be awesome!
Saturday is of course the signing, but then the night I’m
beside myself excited about…The Fantasy Ball. My table at the event is themed
Mardi Gras Masquerade. The series I’m working on (and releasing a book or two
at AAD for) has one of the primary settings in New Orleans at Mardi Gras. My
table will be festival fun complete with beads…and I am jacked to get to come
to the ball as my character Adelia from Book of Change. I haven’t seen the
costume yet, but it’s already a dream come true to get to step literally into
one of my books. Now if only Rourke were going to be there. 😉
If we haven’t met before, come up and
introduce yourself!! I’d love to meet you. If we’ve met…I’m waiting for a
squitch & some sugar, I’m sure it’s been too long. I got to meet a number
of you at TNEE earlier this year and YOU are why I signed on after getting home
to come to AAD. Stella’s events are insane and epic for authors and readers.
I’m so thrilled to get to do another one so soon & have another hang with
great folks. It’s 17 days away now…are you ready?











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