Review: The World of Shadow


34208966‘The World of Shadow’ introduces The Doll Funeral and delves further into one of the characters in the book – Shadow. Shadow flits through The Doll Funeral; he has a close but often tempestuous relationship with the hero, Ruby.
In the short story, we rewind back and see a snapshot of his life, find out more about his connection with Ruby and experience the life, pain and love of this boy who has such a profound influence on the course of the book.





Doll Funeral Extra

Reading Format

audio book


it was an interesting story about this guy and his dad, he was remembering about a forest of his childhood and some other things that happened in there, now he have grown and wants to go back there. I liked that it was pretty easy to follow and to learn some things about what he remember. if there is a full novel about that one I would want to hear it or read it.




separador rosas


‘The World of Shadow’ presenta The Doll Funeral y profundiza en uno de los personajes del libro Shadow. La Sombra revuelve a través de The Doll Funeral; Tiene una estrecha 34208966pero a menudo tempestuosa relación con el héroe, Ruby.
En el cuento, retrocedemos y vemos una instantánea de su vida, averiguamos más sobre su conexión con Ruby y experimentamos la vida, el dolor y el amor de este chico que tiene una influencia tan profunda en el curso del libro.




Doll Funeral Extra

Formato de Lectura

audio libro


Era una historia interesante sobre este tipo y su papá, él estaba recordando sobre un bosque de su infancia y algunas otras cosas que sucedieron allí, ahora que ha crecido y quiere volver allí. Me gustó que era bastante fácil de seguir y aprender algunas cosas sobre lo que él recuerda. Si hay una novela completa sobre eso, me gustaría escucharla o leerla.




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