Some Changes

Love Truck:

Well for some things more than anything time, I decided to merge Book Wormie Spot with my other blog El Rincón de Joss, so I can review more things that I like and always have some content for you guys, I’m leaving the BWS Literary Corner like Book Wormie was full bilingual so it shouldn’t be a problem for the other entries you can always just hit the translate button since it’s mostly in spanish but that didn’t mean that if a lot of english users follow me there I can’t do it full bilingual maybe =)

Why I merge this one into that one, instead of backwards, simple because of the name that one was a little more flexible to put a literary corner than it was to put all of that stuff back here in a blog that it’s name said it was principally for books.

So I hope to see you all there: El Rincón de Joss


Library wagon full of books:


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