Excerpt IT: Imaginary Things

Chapter One There was something about driving an ancient Dodge Caravan packed with all of my worldly possessions, including my four year-old son and my cat, that reeked of failure and desperation. The back of the minivan was crammed with duffel bags of clothing and cardboard boxes filled with pirate action figures, perfume bottles, matchbox … Continue reading Excerpt IT: Imaginary Things

The Perils of Pauline Extract

I step out my front door to find my next-door neighbor standing at the edge of his lawn, staring across at our yard, his lips compressed into a frown.“Is everything okay, Lewis?”“Your water sprinkler is too close to my property line.”“How so? It’s on my lawn.”“When you water your lawn, my driveway is getting sprinkled.”I … Continue reading The Perils of Pauline Extract


Forging of a Knight, The Stolen ThiefHugo Valentin NegronBook Four in the Forging of a Knight series!Legend has called them the Ruinous Ones. The Dokahlfar and the Vartahlfar, evil elves and their dwarfish minions that controlled an unknown technological magic, daring to seek power beyond that of the tree and the root. They warred against … Continue reading FORGING OF A KNIGHT TOUR