Review: A Night in Terror Tower

Blurb They're baa-aack! Make way for the bestselling children's series of all time. W/ a fresh new look, Goosebumps is set to scare a new generation of readers. Reader beware -- you're in for a scare! All locked up and no place to go! Sue and her brother, Eddie, are visiting London when they run …

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Review: Soul Mate

Blurb Everyone believes Tommy's best friend died in a terrible accident. Only Tommy knows that it wasn't an accident at all. He made a drunken mistake he can never take back. And now he's haunted, literally. It sounds nuts, and sometimes Tommy is not sure if he is nuts. It doesn't seem to matter too …

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Review: The Final Reconciliation

Blurb TAKE OFF YOUR MASK. Thirty years ago, a progressive rock band called The Yellow Kings began recording what would become their first and final album. Titled “The Final Reconciliation,” the album was expected to usher in a new renaissance of heavy metal, but it was shelved following a tragic concert that left all but …

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